Holy Spirit Catholic Church | Lake Wales, FL


Nov 16


The Meaning of the Advent Candles
Five simple candles tell the story of Christ’s birth and the reasons God sent His only Son to the earth…
The candle of HOPE reminds us of the prophets words and the promises they shared with all those who heard.
The candle of PEACE reminds us to prepare our hearts, because it is within us that true worship starts.

The candle of JOY reminds us how the angels came to announce god’s good news and glorify His name.

The candle of LOVE is our response to Gods Son as we so humbly thank Him for all He has done.

The Final Candle stands tall above all the rest because it is fro the One who is brightest and best….
The candle of CHRIST reminds us of the reason we rejoice and celebrate in the fChristmas season!

Praying your blessed as you joyfully welcome Christ into your home and hearts.