Holy Spirit Catholic Church | Lake Wales, FL

Using the Parish Center


  • Thank You for turning off all lights, A/C and making sure all doors are locked and alarm turned on (Code will be provided). Never leave exterior doors propped open while using the hall.
  • Check bathroom for water left on. Flush toilets if needed, deposit any paper in waste containers.
  • Do NOT drag tables on the floor. Make sure tables and chairs are put back in their original spot.
  • Thank you for feeding the hungry dumpster ALL the trash
  • Your group makes a mess on tables, floor, and chairs? clean it up, sweep, mop, wipe, etc. Do NOT push dust mop threw liquids on floor (1oz of lemon mop per gallon of water, one squirt is 1oz)
  • There is a separate mop for kitchen that is NOT TO BE USED ON FINISH FLOOR of the hall.
  • Please make sure the kitchen is clean when done.
  • Never dump grease in the sink. There is a container used for grease outdoors in the back of kitchen.
  • Have a great time and enjoy the clean facility
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I agree to abide by the conditions enumerated above for using the parish center

If you have any questions comments or concerns please call 863-676-1556.