Letter about Halloween 2019 (English)

October 21, 2019

Dear Holy Spirit Family:

Greetings in Jesus and Mary Most Holy. Staying true to my mission as your pastor and spiritual
guide, I write with the intention of clarifying some events that have brought forth disturbances
and confusion to our hearts. What I am referring to is the celebration of Halloween. Without a
doubt our Christian stance in this matter is very solid and clear:

  1. Halloween is not a Christian holiday. Does the 31st of October have anything to do with
    Christianity? No.
  2. Halloween has a dark connotation: witches, devilish monsters, dark entities. What good
    does bringing these dark entities to the streets or to our families, or dressing up our
    innocent children bring? None. Evil exists and the evil one exists and wants to overtake
    our souls and many other noble souls, especially those of our children.
  3. Together with that world of darkness there is another dark world that too often goes
    unnoticed: CONSUMERISM. We ourselves are victims of this dark world. It moves us
    and motivates us to buy candy, costumes, and all kinds of decorations; we fall much too
    easily in this tactical trap. Instead of saving or using our hard-earned money for other
    things that are much more useful to our families: education, health, and basic needs.
    It is because of these reasons that celebrating Halloween the way the world / today’s society
    (and its culture of death) celebrates is very, very far from God’s will for our lives.
    Saint Paul reminds us in his letter to the Corinthians:
    “ No, I mean that what they sacrifice, [they sacrifice] to demons, not to God, and I do
    not want you to become participants with demons.” You cannot drink the cup of the Lord
    and also the cup of demons. You cannot partake of the table of the Lord and of the table
    of demons. Or are we provoking the Lord to jealous anger? Are we stronger than he?
    “Everything is lawful,” but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is lawful,” but not
    everything builds up. (1 Corinthians 10:20-23)
    Against this reality we, as Christians, can present an opportunity for learning and
    evangelization, taking the time to guide and teach our children of the importance of not falling
    into the trap of this celebration. We can be creative and celebrate the true meaning of the eve of
    All Saints. In my past educational experience, they have promoted the celebration of “Holywins
    (Holiness Overcomes)!” It would invite catechists and children to have fun all while learning
    about the different Saints of our Church. Many children would dress up as Saints and would
    learn about the history of that Saint. Moreover, it would advise the families of that parish to
    prepare little bags with rosaries and Saint prayer cards to give to trick-or-treaters. We should be
    creative and combat these human realities (the culture of death) with faith, affection, love, and
    charity. Let us use these events in our world as a learning tool for evangelization and
    conversion. I have asked our Faith Formation program to revise this celebration as a
    catechetical opportunity for our children. I hope that at the same time, parents – the first
    teachers and transmitters of faith can read and strengthen themselves on this topic with your
    children. I ask the entire community to pray so that the Prince of Peace may reign in our hearts
    and we may set aside all that destroys and/or dulls the Kingdom of God.
    May our Blessed Mother, Mary – Mother of all priests – protect us with her Most Holy Mantle and
    under her protection and with her intercession, blanket our families.
    I remain in your prayers,

Father David Vargas

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