Acts of Reparation and Plea for Gods Divine Mercy

Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords….Lord of History
So many today are suffering, so many in our nation are in pain, and so many in our church are hurting or broken hearted. The failure of our brothers and sisters to love our neighbor as ourselves gravely offends our God. We plead to our Lord to rebuke and cast out all the demonic forces that afflicts our nation.
Our God can make all things new, Our God longs to heal the broken hearted.
Join us in the Million Rosary March. Join us in prayer and fasting from August 15, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary until December 8, The Feast of The Immaculate Conception the Patron of the United States for 100 days with thousands of people praying-hence the Million Rosary March.
Commit ourselves now even if we start late to conversion of all our fellow brothers and sisters, both Catholic and Non-Catholic.
Sign up at to be counted or contact Amelia & Sam Updike at 863-638-3272.