Registration is now OPEN for the FDLC’s fall series on the revised OCIA!  As you know, we are offering forty webinars in all — twenty in English on Wednesdays at 1:00 (Eastern) and twenty in Spanish on Thursdays at 7:30 PM (Eastern).   One may participate live at those times. 

There may be days when those times are not convenient – not to worry.  All webinars will be archived.  All registered persons will receive a link approximately one hour after the live version has ended. 

We have divided the registration process into two parts – the first ten webinars are of a general nature and are important for many aspects of parish life, e.g., vision of the OCIA, history, preaching, discernment, canonical issues, music, etc.   The NEXT ten are about the rites and steps.  The links which are now live will sign you up for the first set of ten.  (Closer to November, we will post for the next set of ten.)

«Remember, registration is free.  Please share these links with your clergy, OCIA Directors, seminaries, parishes and other institutions.

Main webinar page: www.fdlc.org/ociawebinars 

English:  www.fdlc.org/ocia/webinars 

Spanish:  www.fdlc.org/rica/seminariosweb


We are VERY grateful to our members on the task force who developed the series and, especially, to all our fine presenters who have made this series possible!  



Todd Williamson, OCIA Task Force Chair

Rita Thiron, Executive Director


“How can we grow in our capacity to live in full the liturgical action? How do we continue to let ourselves be amazed at what happens in the celebration under our very eyes? We are in need of a serious and dynamic liturgical formation”  (Pope Francis, Desiderio Desideravi, 31).