Jesus in the Eucharist # 12 – by Deacon Joe

The transformation of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ occurs at each and every Catholic mass. It is at the heart of our Catholic faith and truly distinguishes our mass from any and all other Christian and non Christian prayer gatherings and celebrations. Throughout the centuries, God has provided proof of this profound truth by the occurrence of miraculous events.

One such miracle took place in 1330 at Cascia, Italy. A priest was asked to bring Communion to a sick peasant. The priest took a Consecrated Host, which he irreverently stuck in the pages of his breviary, and went to see the peasant. When he arrived at the mans house, after hearing the mans confession, the priest opened the book to take out the Host which he had placed there. To his great surprise he found that the Host was stained with living Blood dampening both pages between which the Blessed Sacrament had been placed. The priest, confused and sorrowful immediately went to Sienna to the Augustinian Priory to seek the counsel of Fr. Simone Fidati, known by all to be a holy man. Fr. Fedati, after hearing the story pardoned the priest and asked to keep the two pages stained with Blood. Many popes have promoted veneration of this miracle and granted indulgences.