The regular Meeting of Catechists was held on December 4, 2022 at the Faith Formation building. Fr. Luis came to do the blessing and opening prayer. His presence and support are very much appreciated. The matters discussed were the following: classroom management; available enrichment
programs and corresponding certifications; the teaching about the Circle of Grace; and important dates to note that include the following: Advent reconciliation day on December 13; the Catechists’s retreat on January 8, 2023; and the Confirmation on September 30, 2023. Since sacramental
preparation takes two years, there will be no reception of the Sacrament of Eucharist by students this year, except for those in the RCIA and RCIC process.

The body was also informed of the following recent developments in the Diocese of Orlando that have something to do with Faith Formation. The recent resignation of Dr. Daniel Boyd as the Overall Director of the Secretariat for Laity, Marriage and Family Life, leaves the Faith Formation and Youth Ministry now under the Education Secretariat with Dr. Isabel Fernandez as the Senior Director of the Office of Faith Formation.

Considering the many other parish celebrations scheduled this month of December, I thought of availing ourselves the opportunity to also hold our Christmas party to celebrate Jesus’s birthday. We extend special thanks to the parent who donated the Christmas tree and to Carmen Ibanez and Nick Lindenman who helped me put it up and decorate the Christmas tree (two photos shown). A modest but sumptuous lunch was catered by Terrie and Chip Legein. To add fun for the day, parlor games were played with prizes given to the happy winners. Each Catechist was handed a token Christmas gift from the director of faith formation. A very touching moment before ending the afternoon was a special prayer of thanks and healing for Linda led by Jeff Olson. Thank you, Jeff, for the fine and moving initiative.



La última reunión con los catequistas tuvo lugar el domingo 4 de diciembre con un suculento sencillo almuerzo para celebrar la Fiesta de la Navidad. Se realizaron diferentes juegos con premios para los ganadores y se repartieron regalos para todos los asistentes. También se trataron algunos temas de interés como los cambios en la Diócesis de Orlando a raíz de la renuncia del Dr. Daniel Boyd. Se recordaron algunas fechas importantes como la celebración del Servicio de Reconciliación para Adviento el 13 de diciembre, el retiro para los catequistas el 8 de enero del 2023 y la celebración del
Sacramento de la Confirmación el 30 de septiembre del 2023. Como siempre, reinó un ambiente de camaradería y buena amistad.