Fr. Luis Osorio leads mass in honor of Pope Benedict XVI at Holy Spirit Catholic Church Lake Wales attended by its parishioners on January 3, 2023.

Fr. Luis noted  Benedict’s intellectual prowess, a great theologian as revealed in many of his writings, books and encyclicals. He will also be remembered for his humility, leadership and service to the Catholic Church. Those present were awed at the accomplishments of Benedict as Fr. Luis narrated  Benedict’s life from birth to his death. Mass ended with a prayer that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI may be welcomed by the Lord into eternal glory.



We are saddened to hear about the passing of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on Saturday, December 31st. He died peacefully in his place of residence, the Vatican monastery, at the age of 95 and his last words, as recorded by his personal nurse, were “Lord, I love you!” Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI served as pope from April 19, 2005, until his resignation on February 28, 2013. His legacy of love, trust, and compassion will endure long into the future of our global Church.

Books & Important Works Authored by Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) (This is a small, selected list of Pope Benedict’s works. More can be found online and in many Catholic Bookstores)

– An Invitation to Faith
– On Love
– Seeking God’s Face
– Pope Benedict XVI Last Testament: In His Own Words
– Jesus of Nazareth
– Jesus of Nazareth-The Infancy Narratives
– Church Fathers-from Clement of Rome to Augustine
– Holiness is Always in Season
– Pope Benedict in America
– Charity in Truth
– The Apostles
– Behold the Pierced One
– Introduction to the Catechism
– Light of the World
– Mary
– From the Depths of our Hearts
– The Joy of Knowing Christ
– The Virtues
– The Meaning of Christian
– The Spirit of the Liturgy
– Atonement: Soundings in Biblical, Trinitarian & Spiritual Theology