Jesus in the Eucharist #15 by Deacon Joe Iskra

We Catholics strongly believe that following the words of consecration, prayed by a duly ordained priest, that the bread truly becomes the Body of Christ, and the wine truly becomes His Blood. Throughout the centuries numerous miracles have occurred to substantiate this reality.

One such miracle took place in Blanot, France during the Easter Mass of 1331. During Communion, the priest accidentally dropped a Host on to the cloth held below the communicant’s mouth. The priest tried to pick up the Holy Eucharist but was unable to do so. The Host had changed into Blood, resulting in a large stain on the cloth. Seeing this, the vicar carried the cloth to the Sacristy and began to wash the stained part with water. He washed and scrubbed it repeatedly, but the stain only became bigger and redder. The vicar cut the stain part from the cloth and placed it in a reliquary after showing it to the people. Then trembling with emotion, he exclaimed, “Good people, this is the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, because I tried to wash it out, but I cannot remove it from this cloth.”

Every year the people gather to celebrate the miracle on the feast of Corpus Christi. The remaining Hosts were returned to the tabernacle, never to be distributed. Hundreds of years later they were found to be perfectly preserved.