Jesus in the Eucharist #18 by Deacon Joe Iskra

The Catholic Church has taught from its very beginning that through the power of the Holy Spirit a miracle occurs at each and every mass. The bread becomes the Body of Christ and the wine becomes the Blood of Christ. Thus, Jesus is truly present on the altar and invites us to be in complete communion with Him by partaking in His Eucharistic Banquet. Throughout the centuries extraordinary and miraculous events have occurred to strengthen our faith in Jesus’ real presence in the Eucharist.

One such event took place in Douai, France in 1254 on Easter Sunday. A priest who was distributing Holy Communion unintentionally dropped a consecrated Host to the ground. Immediately, he went to pick It up, but the Host flew up and landed on the purificator. A little later, a wonderful Child appeared there Whom all the faithful and religious present at the mass could see. The news spread quickly, and the Bishop of Cambrai, Thomas de Cantimpre, went to Douai to verify the facts. To his amazement, when he opened the small case which the Host had been placed, the Bishop saw the face of Christ crowned with thorns. Two drops of Blood were running down His forehead. The Bishop wept openly and prayerfully thanked God. The miraculous Host is still available for viewing today.