Jesus in the Eucharist # 24 by Deacon Joe Iskra

At every valid Catholic mass the consecrated bread becomes the Body of Christ and the consecrated wine becomes the Blood of Christ. Throughout the centuries miracles have occurred as a powerful sign from God to substantiate this truth.

One such miraculous event occurred in Marseille-en-Beauvais, France in 1533. Thieves stole a ciborium containing consecrated Hosts from a church. The thieves then dumped the Hosts in a field. Although there was a heavy snowstorm, the Hosts were found a few days later by Mr. Jean Moucque. Mr Moucque, while walking down the street noticed a rock that despite the heavy snow storm had no snow on it. When he lifted the rock, he was amazed to find the Hosts in perfect condition. The pastor, Fr. Prothais, carried the Hosts back to
the parish church. The Hosts were preserved and a chapel built to accommodate the hundreds of pilgrims who came to adore the Hosts. Numerous miracles were attributed to the Lord in this chapel including the healing of a paralyzed priest and that of a man blind since birth. The Hosts were later destroyed by persons wishing to profane them.