Jesus in the Eucharist # 25 by Deacon Joe Iskra

At each and every mass that we attend, a miraculous event occurs. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and the words of consecration uttered by the priest, the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We are then invited to eat His Body and drink His Blood so that we might be transformed into ambassadors of God’s love. We are sent forth to proclaim His Gospel in word and in deed.

Throughout the centuries, God has provided miraculous events to substantiate this truth. One such event occurred in Augsburg, Germany in the year 1194. A woman who was particularly devoted to the Blessed Sacrament hid a host in her handkerchief, took it home and placed it in a wax container inside a cupboard. Five years passed and on the 11th of May 1199, the woman tormented by remorse confessed what she had done. Fr. Bertold insisted she return the Host. When he opened the wax container he saw that the Host had been
transformed into bleeding Flesh. Bishop Udalskalk ordered that the Host be transferred to the cathedral and exhibited in a crystal monstrance for public worship. The miracle continued: the Host began to grow and swell, and this phenomenon was seen by all from Easter Sunday until the feast of St. John the Baptist. Beside the Eucharistic miracle, other extraordinary events took place, such as the
apparition above the Host of Baby Jesus dressed in white with a radiant face, His forehead encircled by a crown of gold, the bleeding of the church’s crucifix, and the apparition of Jesus blessing the assembly.