Jesus in the Eucharist # 26 by Deacon Joe Iskra

At every Catholic mass an extraordinary miracle occurs. Despite whether the choir is great, the preaching profound, or the number of people in attendance large or small, the bread and wine through the power of the Holy Spirit are transformed into the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The astonishing truth of this tenet of our faith is supported by a miracle that occurred in the year 1216 in Benningen, Germany. One of two millers, who had been feuding with each other for years, stole a consecrated Host. He then hid the Host between his neighbor’s millstones with the intent of slandering him and destroying his reputation. On the feast of St. Gregory, the Host began to bleed so
profusely that the Bishop and the entire village became aware of it. The blasphemous miller repented and confessed his misdeed. The Bishop of Augsburg deposited the Host in a special container. Each year on the feast of Corpus Christi the parishioners of Benningen process to the Riedkapelle to commemorate the miracle. Unfortunately, because of the many centuries of wars and political upheaval, the precious relic has been lost.