Juan Osorno on the First day of Lenten Reflection talking about the Paschal Mystery Nathan Soliven talked about suffering Fernando Gil on the Relevance of Prayer Confirmation students with the invited speakers for the Lenten Reflection Confirmation students with the invited speakers for the Lenten Reflection Confirmation students with the invited speakers for the Lenten […]
Last Sunday’s Mass where the first Rite of Scrutiny took place, a few parishioners came to ask me what the rite was all about. In this article I shall try to explain briefly what it is as it may be beneficial for all others who may have the same question in mind. A couple of […]
The catechumens from parishes across the Diocese of Orlando gathered for the bilingual Rite of Election on the first Sunday of Lent, at the Basilica of Mary, Queen of the Universe, in Orlando. It is one of the last steps of preparation for catechumens to enter the Catholic Church. They will be baptized, receive their […]
The Catholic Church has taught from its very beginning that through the power of the Holy Spirit a miracle occurs at each and every mass. The bread becomes the Body of Christ and the wine becomes the Blood of Christ. Thus, Jesus is truly present on the altar and invites us to be in complete […]
Often times during funeral masses many people ask – Why can’t everyone receive Holy Communion? Why can’t we be more hospitable and invite all to receive Holy Communion? Our Catholic church accepts and teaches as absolute truth that it is Jesus Christ’s Body and Blood that is truly present in the Eucharist. Thus, only those […]
Jesus’ real and true presence in the Eucharist is at the core of our Catholic Faith. It is this belief that separates our worship from all other Christian and Non-Christian worship services. Whether the choir is great or poor, whether the preaching is inspirational or boring, whether there are a thousand who attend or a […]
The Spanish Charismatic Group of Holy Spirit will reopen its prayer group. The group enjoys support of the church’s hierarchy from the Pope to the dioceses as a recognized ecclesial movement. The name Charismatic is identified with the grace of the gifts and charisms that the Lord bestows on his Church. The Holy Spirit is […]
Today, the first Sunday of Lent at the 8:00 AM mass, eleven of our young and adults (catechumens) who will be baptized, confirmed and receive First Eucharist during the Easter Vigil, will be recognized by the parish community. The catechumens will be prayed for, blessed and sent forth to the rite of Election at Our […]
We Catholics strongly believe that following the words of consecration, prayed by a duly ordained priest, that the bread truly becomes the Body of Christ, and the wine truly becomes His Blood. Throughout the centuries numerous miracles have occurred to substantiate this reality. One such miracle took place in Blanot, France during the Easter Mass […]
The last Youth Ministry meeting discussed the importance of teamwork in their ministry. The students were divided into groups where a survival game activity gave opportunity to demonstrate how effective is teamwork when confronted with a problem. A group leader reported on how they came out to a resolution as a group. One important factor […]