The Sacrament of Baptism

In Baptism, we become members of the Body of Christ. Baptism is the sacrament through which we are cleansed of Original Sin.  The newly baptized person receives sanctifying grace and is sealed with a permanent spiritual mark. The Holy Spirit moves us to answer Christ’s call to holiness. In Baptism, we are united to Christ in his death and resurrection.

Process for Infant Baptism (0-5 years old)

  • If residing within the Holy Spirit parish, the parents must be registered parishioners and must have consistently been attending the weekend mass. Love offering envelope with or without monetary offering inside is proof of attendance. Only then can one fill out and accomplish the Registration Form for Baptism.
  • In special circumstances, if the parents belong to another parish, they must submit a letter from their parish giving them permission to have the child baptized at Holy Spirit Catholic Church.
  • The Registration Form for Baptism is available at the Parochial Office.
  • Submit a copy of the birth certificate of the child to be baptized.
  • The godparent(s) must at least be 16 years old and had received the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation and practicing Catholic. If married, it should be a Catholic marriage. The Baptismal Seminar for parents and godparents may be completed at any parish. In person classes are held on the second Saturday of each month at the Holy Spirit Chapel at 5 pm.  Please provide proof that you took it. The seminar is valid for two (2) years only, thereafter it has to be renewed.
  • When all the paperwork has been done and completed, the concerned party can set the date for the baptism. Baptisms are held on the last weekend of each month Saturday and Sunday except during Lent and weeks before Christmas.
  • For questions, please call  the Baptism Coordinator Ms  Alida Cartagena on a Wednesday during office hours 9 am to 3 pm.