The Catechetical Ministry in general

The Catechetical Ministry of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church Lake Wales offers a variety of faith formation programs, designed to support parents in raising in the Catholic faith their children who are enrolled in Pre Kindergarten to Grade 12. In partnership with the concerned families, its family-oriented catechism program is meant to strengthen and build upon the foundational faith already provided in the home. It is aimed at a continuing development of the whole person into the image and likeness of, and to be in constant relationship with, Jesus Christ. The program strives to provide a solid Catholic faith foundation in children as they go through their spiritual journey. The Catechetical Ministry also covers two other ministries, namely, the Youth and Young Adults Ministries that focus on helping their members enrich and deepen their faith. In addition, every child and young adult are led to put their faith into action as active members in the parish and in the larger community.