What is Quinceanera?

Quinceanera means “a girl who is fifteen years old.” It began as a tradition in the Americas, particularly in Mexico, Central, and South America. It is also frequently celebrated by Hispanic Catholics in the dioceses of the United States of America.


Quinceanera is a traditional celebration of thanksgiving for a young girl’s life and her passage to womanhood. Her parents, relatives, and friends ask God to pour His blessings and protection upon her as she is formally presented to society for the first time. The celebration is not a sacrament unlike Baptism or Confirmation. The Quinceanera mass is an Act of Thanksgiving for Life and Faith, crowned by God’s blessing. It is an opportunity for the young girl to consolidate her commitment to her faith.

Requirements for having a Quinceanera church celebration

The Parish community of Holy Spirit Catholic Church Lake Wales welcomes the holding of a religious ceremony as part of a girl’s 15th birthday celebration. It is time for the 15-year old young lady to realize her adult responsibilities to her faith, family, and community.


In supporting the rich culture and tradition of the Hispanic population, Holy Spirit Catholic Church issues the following guidelines in planning for the so-called first formal presentation or debut of a young woman to society:


  1. The family concerned must be registered and active parishioners of Holy Spirit Catholic Church for at least the preceding past six (6) months and residing within the Parish boundaries, with active participation in any of the ministries of the Church.
  2. The family must provide copies of certificates of Baptism and First Communion of the debutante. If she has already been confirmed, submission of a copy of the corresponding certificate is also welcome. The certificates must come from parishes supported by the rites of the Roman Catholic Church.
  3. The intending celebrant must attend a special Quinceanera class to culturally prepare for the ceremony. One must attend one of the two classes offered each year. Please call the Office of Catechetical Ministry for the class schedule dates and times and the contact information of the Quinceanera coordinator.
  4. Reserve the date and time for the celebration upon completion of all requirements. A non-refundable fee of $ 100 is required to schedule a date and time on the Parish calendar. Quinceanera church celebrations are scheduled only on dates and times, subject to availability.
  5. Please turn in the completed and duly signed “Quinceanera Checklist” to the Office of Faith Formation for approval.
  6. Rehearsal is mandatory.

Coverage of the Quinceanera classes

The coverage of the Quinceanera class focuses on cultural traditions as well as on issues that today’s young women face, such as peer pressure drug use, sexuality and stewardship.  Other  topics are (a) The Sacrifice of the Mass; (b) My Life as God’s Precious Child; (c) Commitment to Lead a Christian Life; and (d) Social Graces and Etiquette.