Young Adult Ministry – YAM

The members of the Young Adults Ministry (YAM)  of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church are the emerging adults in their late teens, in their twenties and in their thirties of various cultural, racial, ethnic, educational, social, and spiritual backgrounds who want to deepen their relationship with their peers, the community, the Church  and most importantly with Jesus Christ, while developing a variety of  leadership skills such as public speaking and presentation skills, facilitating small and large groups, addressing inter-generational groups, learning Spanish, organizing events and more.

The Vision

YAM is an extension of the Church’s primary vision of bringing the message of Jesus Christ particularly to the lives of their peers within their community and the larger community in general.

The Mission

  1. Help bring young adults into a relationship with Jesus. Encourage young adults to be involved in the mission of the Church.
  2. Be a liaison for those who have been lukewarm in their faith (Gones) and those who do not know Jesus (Nones) by helping find what they are looking for.
  3. Continue to nourish and grow in their faith in every opportunity they can whether within their parish or wherever possible.

The Program

Throughout the calendar year our activities will center on learning more about the Catholic faith, prayer, service via outreach and social interactions. 

In line with the above program, YAM intends to do the following:

  1. Monthly Faith Enrichment Session as well as well as leadership training with invited speakers touching on a variety of topics.
  2. Presence as a group every second Sunday of the month at the 11:00 AM mass, followed by interpersonal interactions.
  3. Volunteering once a month in any of the liturgical ministries, such as being lector, Eucharistic minister, minister of Holy Communion for the sick and homebound.
  4. Mentoring children who need help in the faith formation program.
  5. Assisting catechists twice a month in the Catechetical Ministry.
  6. Offering help, building on programs that already exist in the parish like Sips of Faith, Soup Kitchen, Bible Study, Columbiettes and the like.
  7. Initiating praying sessions for special intentions like death in the family, someone sick, and someone in distress.
  8. Hosting parties for certain festivities like Christmas, Halloween, and birthdays.
  9. Connecting/sharing activities with other YAM groups in other parishes 
  10. Attending Diocese-sponsored activities, workshops, trips and the like.