December 2, 2020

Advent Time 2020

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This Week Bulletin

A Special Message from Our Mission Office

Good afternoon to all of you generous ‘would have been speakers’ for our Mission Office Annual Collection.

This upcoming weekend is still ours for raising the $500,000 that we need to keep our programs and projects in service of our many friends in the LOMAS. It is the weekend that you had so generously agreed to share your mission story with the people of the Orlando Diocese.  We need you as never before in these next few days. As I mentioned in an earlier note, I hope you have been able to send our Mission video link and invite to all your social media contacts, with a special word of encouragement, inviting them to make a donation to the Mission Office. I know that many of you have already sent out the information, much like a ‘go fund me’ appeal and are counting the success of your invite.
There may be some of you who did not receive the previous communication, and this note is to once again ask you to send the video link and donation link (found below) to all your friends and family with the intent of encouraging them to help support the Mission Office programs and projects.  We are depending on you to make the video go “viral” for two purposes: to spread Good News; and secondly to raise the funds that we need to keep serving our friends in the DR in the coming year. Remember your excitement is contagious!
Thank you for taking this step to serve the many friends you have met on your mission journey.

Blessings, Sister Bernie


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